German Countryside Wedding

I’m a huge fan of love stories especially when it talks about unexpected fates and chance meetings.  So when I learned about this wedding event that brought Thorsten and Sarah together despite being situated at the opposite ends of the globe, I couldn’t help myself but to admire them and be swept off by their countryside wedding celebration. And with the pictures being taken by captured by Unique Images, this is one wedding story you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

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From the photographer… Sarah and Thorsten tied the knot at the German ‘Landhaus’ which is an exquisite country house built by the German nobles of the past in the vineyards that surrounded the Beilstein village. The wedding ceremony was held on the patio overlooking the incredible Beilstein on side and hills and the vineyards on the other side. It was a day rich in countryside beauty. Even if things didn’t go right for the moment (the shipping of the wedding rings were a bit delayed), nothing could ever ruin this lovely day. There was a cake and coffee hour after the ceremony and the entire guests got to taste about 10 homemade cakes (all made by friends and family) and not to mention their official cake for the wedding. I’ll let Sarah tell you more about the wedding in her own words.

From the couple… Thorsten and I met online through an internet search gone wrong. I was doing my internship in Germany and I submitted a post from a local internet forum asking for help after not being able to find any bike shops that could assist me. He happened to stumble at my post and did an unrelated Google search about bikes. He mailed me after saying that his bike was already repaired. So we took a ride and we both fell in love with each other. I have to return to the U.S. after a few weeks to finish my studies. We kept the love alive by constantly communicating with each other through Skype. And after nine months I went back to Germany and 4 and half years later after unexpectedly discovering each other, we were already making plans for our wedding.

Thorsten’s favorite memory of the wedding: That would have to beautiful aura that I saw when both of us were making our vows at the wedding. I recalled being overwhelmed with mixed emotions that I couldn’t even speak. The vows I made were said in German and I know I might said something incomprehensible, yet the feelings of love was so strong at that moment that words cannot even describe what she means to me. The pastor then joined both our hands and we’re already married! As we both turned around and saw all family and friends who travelled and shared this special day with us, it was moment of unifying love and I will treasure this memory for the rest of my life.

Their wedding advice: Don’t hesitate to spend on the things that are important to both of you! You’re only going to do this once in your lifetime so make the most out of it. Aside from that, the only thing that TRULY matters is that both of you are going to get married on this day and nothing else. The other details are not that important as you might think. Our wedding ring almost got lost in the mail at the week of our wedding and we devastated right away. However, all of that was forgotten in the overflowing happiness that we felt for marrying each other.

Photographer: Unique Images Photography| Dress: Marchesa | Flowers: Die Kathe | Bride’s Shoes: Saint Laurent Paris | Engagement Ring: Saskia Diez | Catering: Hotel Gashof Zum Ochsen | DJ: Jochen Junker | Groom’s Attire: Dries Van Noten | Groom’s Attire: Dries Van Noten | Dessert: Cafe Weller | Dessert: Cafe Weller | Landhaus: Schloss Beilstein | Wedding Band: Mociun